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One of the most fascinating aspects of studying the history of Ghana is delving into its pre-history, which spans from 50,000 B.C. to A.D. 1700. This period takes us on a journey through the evolution of early Ghanaian societies, highlighting the significant milestones that shaped the region before written records.

Understanding the concept of pre-history is crucial as it provides insights into the foundations of Ghanaian civilization. Before the advent of written records, historians rely on archaeological evidence and oral traditions to reconstruct the past. By exploring this era, we gain a deeper appreciation for the roots of Ghana's rich historical tapestry.

At the dawn of pre-history, Ghana was inhabited by hunters and gatherers who roamed the land in search of sustenance. Their lifestyle was dictated by the bounties of nature, and their survival depended on their knowledge of the environment. This nomadic existence laid the groundwork for the eventual development of more structured societies.

The emergence of the Kintampo culture marked a significant transition in early Ghanaian history. Around 2000 B.C. to A.D. 500, these early farmers and village builders began to settle in communities, cultivating the land and constructing dwellings. Their advancements laid the groundwork for more permanent settlements and the growth of agricultural practices in the region.

The evolution from the Kintampo culture to the establishment of towns such as Begho and Bono-Manso showcases the progression of Ghanaian society towards urbanization. These early townsmen laid the foundations for the development of trade routes, governance structures, and social hierarchies. Their legacy endured through the centuries, shaping the trajectory of Ghana's historical narrative.

As we delve into the pre-history of Ghana, evaluating the sources and methods used by historians becomes paramount in piecing together the puzzle of the past. Archaeological excavations, carbon dating techniques, and comparative analysis of oral traditions all play a crucial role in reconstructing the narratives of early Ghanaian civilizations. By critically examining these sources, we gain a nuanced understanding of the challenges and triumphs of ancient Ghana.


  1. Examine the lifestyle of hunters and gatherers in Ghana prior to 2000 BC
  2. Explore the transition from farming and village building in the Kintampo culture to the establishment of towns such as Begho and Bono-Manso
  3. Understand the concept of pre-history and its significance in the study of Ghana's history
  4. Analyze the development of the Kintampo culture and its impact on early Ghanaian societies
  5. Evaluate the sources and methods used by historians to reconstruct the pre-history of Ghana from 50,000 BC to AD 1700

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  1. What are the four sources and methods used by historians to reconstruct the pre-history of Ghana from 50,000 BC to AD 1700? A. Archaeological finds B. Oral traditions C. Carbon dating D. Linguistic analysis Answer: A. Archaeological finds, B. Oral traditions, C. Carbon dating, D. Linguistic analysis

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