General Terminology In Animal Production


Welcome to the course on General Terminology in Animal Production. In this course, we will delve into the foundational terms and concepts that are essential in understanding and engaging in animal husbandry practices. As an aspiring agricultural scientist, mastering these terms will be crucial in effectively communicating and working within the realm of animal production.

One of the primary objectives of this course is to equip you with the knowledge and understanding of various terms used in animal husbandry. These terms serve as the language through which individuals involved in the livestock industry communicate and exchange valuable information.

Understanding the species, breeds, and distribution of animals is fundamental in animal production. Different species such as cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, and poultry have unique characteristics that make them suitable for various production systems. By familiarizing yourself with the external features of these animals, you will be able to identify different breeds and make informed decisions regarding their management and care.

Furthermore, common terms used in animal husbandry play a vital role in describing specific actions or processes related to animal production. Terms such as calving, kidding, castration, caponization, veal, and mutton are frequently used in the industry and understanding their meanings is essential for effective communication.

As we progress through this course, you will explore a wide range of terminology that is commonly used in animal production. By the end of this course, you will be able to confidently use these terms in discussions, reports, and practical applications related to animal husbandry.

Get ready to expand your knowledge and vocabulary in the exciting world of animal production through this detailed exploration of general terminology in animal husbandry.


  1. Use Various Terms In Animal Husbandry
  2. Understand the Meaning and Significance of Common Terms Used in Animal Production
  3. Identify and Differentiate Between Different Terms in Animal Husbandry
  4. Apply the Knowledge of General Terminology in Animal Production Practices

Lesson Note

Animal production, also known as animal husbandry, is the branch of agriculture concerned with the production and management of domesticated animals. This includes various practices designed to improve the health, productivity, and well-being of animals raised for food, fiber, and other products. To fully understand and manage these practices, it is essential to know and use several key terms.

Lesson Evaluation

Congratulations on completing the lesson on General Terminology In Animal Production. Now that youve explored the key concepts and ideas, its time to put your knowledge to the test. This section offers a variety of practice questions designed to reinforce your understanding and help you gauge your grasp of the material.

You will encounter a mix of question types, including multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and essay questions. Each question is thoughtfully crafted to assess different aspects of your knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Use this evaluation section as an opportunity to reinforce your understanding of the topic and to identify any areas where you may need additional study. Don't be discouraged by any challenges you encounter; instead, view them as opportunities for growth and improvement.

  1. What is the term used to describe the process of a cow giving birth? A. Calving B. Farrowing C. Kidding D. Shearing Answer: A. Calving
  2. What term is used for the practice of removing the testicles of a male animal? A. Spaying B. Castrate C. Parturition D. Weaning Answer: B. Castrate
  3. What is the term for a young male chicken that has been neutered for meat production? A. Broiler B. Capon C. Pullet D. Rooster Answer: B. Capon
  4. Which term refers to the meat of a young calf? A. Mutton B. Veal C. Pork D. Lamb Answer: B. Veal
  5. What term is used to describe meat from sheep? A. Pork B. Venison C. Beef D. Mutton Answer: D. Mutton
  6. What is the term for the process of a goat giving birth? A. Hatching B. Parturition C. Calving D. Kidding Answer: D. Kidding
  7. Which term refers to the meat of a young sheep? A. Veal B. Beef C. Mutton D. Pork Answer: C. Mutton
  8. What term is used for the external feature of feathered animals that help in flying? A. Gills B. Wings C. Fins D. Hooves Answer: B. Wings
  9. Which term describes the process of a pig giving birth? A. Laying B. Calving C. Kidding D. Farrowing Answer: D. Farrowing
  10. What is the term for the meat of a domesticated turkey? A. Beef B. Venison C. Pork D. Poultry Answer: D. Poultry

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