Section 3 - Test of Vowel Quality and Consonant Contrasts in Isolated Words


Welcome to Section 3 - Test of Vowel Quality and Consonant Contrasts in Isolated Words. This lesson focuses on understanding and mastering the nuances of vowel qualities and consonant contrasts in English pronunciation.

What You'll Learn

Vowel Quality: Understand the importance of vowel quality in pronunciation. Learn to differentiate between short and long vowels, monophthongs, and diphthongs. Recognize how tongue and lip positions affect vowel sounds.

Consonant Contrasts: Identify and distinguish between different consonant sounds. Focus on voicing, place of articulation, and manner of articulation to improve your pronunciation accuracy.

Listening Comprehension: Participate in Listening Comprehension Tests using CD players. These tests will help you practice identifying vowel qualities and consonant contrasts in isolated words, enhancing your listening skills.

Pronunciation Practice: Engage in repeated practice and receive feedback to refine your pronunciation accuracy. This practice will build your confidence and improve your spoken English proficiency.

Why This Matters

By the end of this lesson, you will have a better understanding of vowel qualities and consonant contrasts, improving your pronunciation and listening comprehension skills. Engaging in interactive listening activities and targeted practice will help you become a more proficient speaker of English.


  1. Identify and differentiate between vowel qualities in isolated words
  2. Improve listening comprehension skills through the administration of tests using CD players
  3. Enhance pronunciation accuracy in English words through repeated practice and feedback
  4. Recognize and distinguish between consonant contrasts in isolated words

Lesson Note

This section focuses on improving your understanding and pronunciation of different vowel qualities and consonant contrasts. Mastery of these elements will enhance your listening comprehension and pronunciation skills, essential for clear and effective communication in English.

Lesson Evaluation

Congratulations on completing the lesson on Section 3 - Test of Vowel Quality and Consonant Contrasts in Isolated Words. Now that youve explored the key concepts and ideas, its time to put your knowledge to the test. This section offers a variety of practice questions designed to reinforce your understanding and help you gauge your grasp of the material.

You will encounter a mix of question types, including multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and essay questions. Each question is thoughtfully crafted to assess different aspects of your knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Use this evaluation section as an opportunity to reinforce your understanding of the topic and to identify any areas where you may need additional study. Don't be discouraged by any challenges you encounter; instead, view them as opportunities for growth and improvement.

  1. Identify the vowel sound heard in the word "gate." A. /eɪ/ B. /ɑ/ C. /ɪ/ D. /ɛ/ Answer: A. /eɪ/
  2. Which consonant sound is present at the beginning of the word "tree"? A. /t/ B. /d/ C. /b/ D. /k/ Answer: A. /t/
  3. What is the vowel sound in the word "book"? A. /ʊ/ B. /i/ C. /æ/ D. /oʊ/ Answer: D. /oʊ/
  4. Which of the following words contains the same vowel sound as in "moon"? A. red B. chair C. soon D. cat Answer: C. soon
  5. Which consonant sound is at the end of the word "jumped"? A. /t/ B. /d/ C. /b/ D. /p/ Answer: D. /p/
  6. What is the vowel sound in the word "hear"? A. /eə/ B. /aɪ/ C. /ɔɪ/ D. /oʊ/ Answer: A. /eə/
  7. Which of the following words has a different consonant sound in the initial position than the others? A. fall B. tall C. ball D. mall Answer: B. tall
  8. Identify the vowel sound in the word "seat." A. /i/ B. /ɛ/ C. /eɪ/ D. /aɪ/ Answer: C. /eɪ/
  9. Which consonant sound is in the middle of the word "children"? A. /dʒ/ B. /tʃ/ C. /ʃ/ D. /ʒ/ Answer: B. /tʃ/

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Past Questions

Wondering what past questions for this topic looks like? Here are a number of questions about Section 3 - Test of Vowel Quality and Consonant Contrasts in Isolated Words from previous years

Question 1 Report

In the following passages the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each number in the below each passage, five choices are offered in columns lettered A to E. For each question choose the word that is the most suitable to fill the numbered gap in the passage.
Words in English Language, and any other language for that matter, have one -71- A word -72- has more than one meaning -73- on its usage in the -74- Also, a particular thing or situation may be -75- using many -76- words of groups of words. Yet two words -77- ever have exactly the same meaning. Thus, although a word may have many -78- these do no mean exactly the same thing -79-, it is important that the writer should be very -80- in his -81- of words. Students should be advised not to put -82- the first words that come to their minds. Any writer needs time to -83- the context and -84- suitable words from the very many -85- options that can be used to described any situation.
When Mrs Dada took her sick baby to the hospital, the doctor told her that the baby didn't have much -86- to the parasites which the laboratory -87- the identified in the blood -88-. He told her to give the baby the prescribed drugs and keep out the mosquitoes that -89- the disease. The disease was in its early -90- but the most evident symptom was the -91- of the eye membranes. This was caused by the trachoma virus, which could not be seen under a -92- because it is even smaller than bacterial -93-. Trachoma could cause blindness, so Mrs Dada had to protect her family from this -94- disease. She should keep up a high standard of -95- by -96- her personal towels and face cloths. The doctor also wrote out a -97- of antibiotic drugs and vitamin A tablets which should be got from a -98-. She was assured that this treatment would -99- the baby and restore him to good -100- in two or three days.

In question numbered 81 above, choose the best option from letters A - E that best completes the gap.

Question 1 Report

There should be a playing field for women entering politics?

Practice a number of Section 3 - Test of Vowel Quality and Consonant Contrasts in Isolated Words past questions