Preparing for the JAMB UTME can be a daunting task, especially with the volume of information and the need to perform well in order to secure a spot in your desired institution. While memorization plays a crucial role in exam preparation, it is equally important to develop critical thinking skills to excel in the JAMB UTME.

Many students focus solely on memorizing past questions and answers, hoping that they will be replicated in the exam. Although this strategy may work to some extent, it is not enough to truly understand the subject matter and apply knowledge creatively. Green Bridge CBT offers a comprehensive platform that goes beyond rote memorization, enabling students to cultivate analytical abilities for exam success.

JAMB past questions are undoubtedly valuable resources. They provide insight into the exam format, structure, and commonly tested topics. However, relying solely on memorizing these questions may limit your potential to think critically and solve complex problems.

Green Bridge CBT encourages students to critically analyze questions and understand the underlying concepts. By exposing students to a wide range of practice questions, the platform ensures that they develop a deep understanding of the subject matter. This approach enhances learning and prepares students to tackle any question, even those that may have never been encountered before.

In addition to analyzing past questions, it is crucial to engage in CBT practice. This digital practice allows students to familiarize themselves with the computer-based format of the JAMB UTME. It also helps to build speed and accuracy, two essential components for success in exams.

Green Bridge CBT offers an Android mobile app that allows students to practice anytime and anywhere. This offline capability ensures that students have access to a vast database of past questions even without an internet connection. The app provides a simulated exam environment, enabling students to gain confidence and improve their performance.

Developing critical thinking skills is not only beneficial for the JAMB UTME but also for future academic pursuits and professional endeavors. Employers and educational institutions are increasingly recognizing the value of individuals who can think critically, solve problems, and make informed decisions.

In conclusion, while memorizing past questions is important for the JAMB UTME, it is equally essential to develop critical thinking skills for exam success. Green Bridge CBT provides the necessary tools and resources to cultivate analytical abilities, ensuring that students are well-prepared to face the challenges of the exam. Enhance your chances of success by going beyond memorization and embracing critical thinking.


The article focuses on the importance of developing critical thinking skills for success in the JAMB UTME exam. While memorization is important, it is not enough to truly understand and apply knowledge effectively. The article highlights the resources and features offered by Green Bridge CBT that go beyond memorization, including analyzing past questions, engaging in CBT practice, and utilizing their mobile app. By developing critical thinking skills, students can enhance their exam performance and prepare for future academic and professional pursuits.


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