Nigerian students preparing for their Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) exams understand the importance of mastering the Computer-Based Test (CBT) format. With the increasing digitalization of exams, it is crucial to develop advanced strategies to excel in this new era of testing. In this article, we will explore effective techniques to take your CBT practice to the next level and ensure success in the JAMB exams.

Utilize JAMB Past Questions

One of the most powerful tools in your arsenal is JAMB past questions. These resources offer a comprehensive collection of previous exam papers, enabling you to familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions. By practicing with JAMB past questions, you can identify patterns, focus areas, and gain essential insights into the exam.

Practice with JAMB CBT Software

Another crucial step in advanced CBT preparation is utilizing JAMB CBT software. Green Bridge CBT offers an Android mobile app that allows you to practice with over 65,000 past questions and answers. This software simulates the real JAMB CBT environment, allowing you to get acquainted with the interface and develop efficient time management skills.

Develop Time Management Strategies

Time management is essential in any exam, especially a CBT exam. Develop effective strategies to allocate your time wisely during the JAMB exam. Practice completing past questions within the allocated time frame to enhance your speed and accuracy. Set personal time targets for different sections of the exam, ensuring that you can complete all questions without rushing or leaving any unanswered.

Improve Typing and Navigation Skills

Being proficient in typing and navigation is crucial for a successful CBT experience. Familiarize yourself with the keyboard layout and practice typing speed and accuracy. Additionally, master the navigation functions such as scrolling, selecting, and navigating between questions. The more comfortable you are with the CBT interface, the more confident and efficient you will be during the exam.

Simulate Real Exam Conditions

Recreate the authentic exam environment during your practice sessions. Find a quiet space free from distractions, just like the exam hall. Avoid using external materials or resources that you won't have access to during the actual exam. By simulating real exam conditions, you can adapt to the exam environment and reduce anxiety on the day of the exam.

Stay Updated with Current Affairs

Although the JAMB exams primarily test your knowledge of fundamental subjects, staying updated with current affairs can give you an edge. Read newspapers, magazines, and reputable online sources to stay informed about recent events. This knowledge may come in handy in the general knowledge section or when answering questions that require practical application of concepts.

With these advanced strategies, you can enhance your CBT practice and maximize your chances of success in the JAMB exams. Remember, consistent practice, focused preparation, and continuous improvement are key to triumphing in any exam. Good luck!


This article offers advanced strategies for mastering the Computer-Based Test (CBT) format in preparation for the JAMB exams. It emphasizes the importance of utilizing JAMB past questions and practicing with JAMB CBT software. The article also highlights the significance of time management, developing typing and navigation skills, simulating real exam conditions, and staying updated with current affairs. By implementing these techniques, students can enhance their CBT practice and improve their chances of success in the JAMB exams.


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