When it comes to the NECO Agricultural Science examination, mastering the topics of crop and animal husbandry is essential for success. As a student preparing for the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) in Agriculture, having a strong understanding of these areas can greatly improve your performance.

Whether you are studying for the NECO Agricultural Science exam independently or using study materials from platforms like Green Bridge CBT, here are some strategies that can help you excel:

  1. Understand Crop Production: Crop production is a fundamental aspect of Agricultural Science. It involves the cultivation and management of various crops such as grains, vegetables, and fruits. Pay close attention to topics like soil preparation, planting techniques, pest and disease control, and harvesting methods. Practicing past questions on crop production will deepen your understanding and enhance your preparation.
  2. Master Animal Husbandry: Animal husbandry revolves around the proper care, breeding, and management of livestock. This includes knowledge about different types of animals, their housing needs, feeding habits, and common diseases affecting them. Studying topics like animal nutrition, reproduction, and health management will be beneficial. Green Bridge CBT provides a wide range of NECO past questions on animal husbandry that can assist you in gaining expertise in this area.
  3. Practice with Past Questions: One of the most effective ways to prepare for any examination is through practicing past questions. The more familiar you become with the exam format and types of questions asked, the more confident you will feel on the day of the exam. Green Bridge CBT offers a comprehensive collection of past questions and answers for the NECO Agricultural Science exam. Take advantage of this resource to enhance your revision process.
  4. Utilize Mobile Apps: In today's digital age, educational mobile apps can be powerful tools for learning. Green Bridge CBT provides an Android mobile app that allows you to access past questions, practice exams, and study materials on the go. This app enables you to simulate real exam conditions and track your progress. Downloading the app can significantly enhance your preparation and save you valuable study time.
  5. Work on Time Management: Time management is crucial during the NECO Agricultural Science exam. Familiarize yourself with the exam duration and allocate appropriate time to each section. Practicing timed mock exams using the Green Bridge CBT app or website can help you improve your speed and accuracy.

Remember, when it comes to excelling in the NECO Agricultural Science examination, thorough preparation and consistent practice are key. By implementing these strategies and utilizing resources like Green Bridge CBT, you can strengthen your knowledge in crop and animal husbandry, and increase your chances of achieving excellent results.


This article focuses on strategies for excelling in the NECO Agricultural Science examination, with a specific emphasis on mastering crop and animal husbandry. It highlights topics such as crop production and animal care, emphasizing the importance of understanding these areas for success. The article suggests practicing with past questions, utilizing mobile apps like Green Bridge CBT, and implementing effective time management techniques. Overall, it emphasizes the significance of thorough preparation and consistent practice in order to achieve excellent results in the NECO Agricultural Science exam.


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