Are you getting ready to take the JAMB UTME exam? Feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves? Well, worry not! With the right preparation, you can conquer any test day jitters and approach your exam with confidence. In this article, we will illuminate a stress-free test day by providing you with a radiant checklist for positive exam day preparation.

1. Review and Revise

The first item on our checklist is to review and revise. Take advantage of the extensive resources available to you, such as the Green Bridge CBT website. Accessing JAMB past questions and answers is crucial for familiarizing yourself with the exam format and identifying areas that require additional focus. Allocate dedicated study time to reviewing each subject, ensuring you cover all relevant topics.

2. Master Time Management

Time management is vital during the exam. To enhance your test-taking skills, practice with authentic JAMB CBT materials. Utilize the Green Bridge CBT Android app and simulate the exam environment. By honing your timing abilities, you'll be able to allocate appropriate time to each question, ensuring you pace yourself effectively.

3. Stay Calm and Well-Rested

A well-rested mind performs at its best. Prioritize your sleep schedule and aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep the night before the exam. On the morning of the JAMB UTME, engage in calming activities such as meditation or light exercise. Taking care of your mental well-being will help you stay calm and focused during the test.

4. Organize Your Exam Day Essentials

The night before the exam, gather all the essentials you will need: your JAMB registration slip, valid identification, writing materials, and any other required documents. By organizing your exam day essentials in advance, you'll eliminate unnecessary stress on the day of the test.

5. Eat a Balanced Meal

Fuel your brain with a nourishing meal before heading to the exam center. Opt for a balanced breakfast rich in protein, whole grains, and fruits. Avoid consuming excessive caffeine or sugary foods, as they can lead to energy crashes during the exam.

6. Arrive Early with a Positive Mindset

Set the tone for a successful exam day by arriving at the exam center early. Being punctual allows you to settle into the environment, review any last-minute notes, and reduce the risk of unexpected delays. Maintain a positive mindset, reminding yourself of the thorough preparation you've undertaken.

7. Follow Instructions Carefully

When the exam commences, take a deep breath and read each question carefully. Pay attention to instructions, as failure to adhere to them may lead to unnecessary point deductions. Utilize your time wisely and double-check your answers before submitting the exam.

By following this radiant checklist, you'll be well-prepared to tackle the JAMB UTME exam confidently. Remember, the Green Bridge CBT website offers a plethora of study materials, including JAMB past questions and answers to further aid your preparation. Embrace this journey with a positive mindset, and success will shine through!


This article offers a radiant checklist for positive exam day preparation for JAMB UTME. It emphasizes the importance of reviewing and revising using resources like Green Bridge CBT. It also highlights the significance of mastering time management and staying calm and well-rested. The article suggests organizing exam day essentials, eating a balanced meal, and arriving early with a positive mindset. Following instructions carefully is advised, and the article stresses the benefits of utilizing the study materials provided by Green Bridge CBT for success in the JAMB UTME exam.


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