Navigating the challenging waters of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) can be a daunting task for any student. With the pressure to excel and secure admission into their desired institutions, it is important for candidates to be aware of the common mistakes that can hinder their success. By understanding these pitfalls and implementing effective avoidance strategies, students can improve their chances of achieving excellent results.

1. Lack of Sufficient Preparation

One of the most common mistakes made by JAMB UTME candidates is failing to prepare adequately for the exam. Simply relying on intuition or previous knowledge may not be enough to guarantee success. To avoid this pitfall, it is essential to utilize reliable study materials, such as the comprehensive JAMB past questions and answers provided by Green Bridge CBT. These resources offer a wealth of practice materials to familiarize students with the exam format and improve their overall performance.

2. Neglecting Time Management

The JAMB UTME is a time-bound examination, and many candidates struggle to complete all the questions within the allocated time. To prevent this mistake, students should practice effective time management strategies during their preparation. Regularly engaging in JAMB CBT practice sessions can help improve speed and accuracy in answering questions. Green Bridge CBT's JAMB CBT offline app offers an engaging platform for students to simulate real exam conditions and develop their time management skills.

3. Inadequate Familiarity with Exam Format

Another common pitfall is a lack of familiarity with the JAMB UTME exam format. Each year, the exam structure and question types may vary slightly, and students need to adapt accordingly. By reviewing JAMB past questions and answers PDF from previous years, candidates can gain insights into the pattern of questions and better understand which areas to focus on during their preparation. Green Bridge CBT's extensive collection of over 65,000 past questions and answers is an invaluable resource for students in enhancing their familiarity with the exam format.

4. Ignoring Post-UTME Past Questions

While the JAMB UTME is a crucial exam, it is equally important to prepare for the post-UTME screening conducted by individual institutions. Neglecting this aspect can jeopardize a candidate's chances of securing admission. Green Bridge CBT offers a wide range of post-UTME past questions to help students prepare for this additional examination. By familiarizing themselves with the specific requirements of their chosen institutions, candidates can enhance their prospects of gaining admission.

5. Lack of Self-Confidence

Believing in oneself is paramount when facing any challenge, including the JAMB UTME. Many students undermine their performance due to a lack of self-confidence. To overcome this hurdle, it is crucial to engage in regular practice sessions and assess personal progress. As confidence grows, so does the ability to tackle challenging questions. Green Bridge CBT's high-quality JAMB CBT practice materials and detailed explanations of past questions provide the necessary tools for self-assessment and improvement.


The journey towards achieving excellent results in the JAMB UTME involves careful planning, dedication, and the implementation of effective avoidance strategies. By recognizing and addressing common mistakes, students can increase their chances of success. Green Bridge CBT provides a comprehensive suite of resources, including over 65,000 past questions and answers, an Android mobile app, and post-UTME materials, to support candidates in their pursuit of academic excellence. With wisdom and strategic preparation, students can navigate the JAMB UTME with confidence and achieve their desired outcomes.


This article discusses the common mistakes made by students taking the JAMB UTME examination and provides strategies to avoid them. It emphasizes the importance of sufficient preparation, time management, familiarity with the exam format, and the inclusion of post-UTME preparation. It also highlights the role of self-confidence in achieving success. The article mentions the resources provided by Green Bridge CBT, such as JAMB past questions and answers, an offline CBT app, and post-UTME past questions. Overall, the article aims to guide students in navigating the JAMB UTME examination with wisdom to improve their chances of success.


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