The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has made some changes to the registration process for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). These changes have been implemented to enhance efficiency and ensure a smooth registration experience for all candidates. It is important for prospective candidates to understand these updates and adapt their registration plan accordingly.

1. Online Registration

JAMB has introduced an online registration system, which means that all candidates must register online for the UTME. This eliminates the need for manual registration at designated centers. Candidates can now register from the comfort of their homes using a computer or a mobile device with internet access.

2. Profile Creation

Prior to registration, candidates are now required to create a profile on the JAMB portal. This profile will serve as their unique identifier throughout the registration process. Candidates need to provide accurate and up-to-date personal information during profile creation.

3. National Identification Number (NIN)

One major change in the registration process is the requirement for candidates to provide their National Identification Number (NIN). This is in line with the Nigerian government's efforts to create a centralized database of citizens. Candidates who do not have a NIN are advised to enroll for one as soon as possible.

4. Mock Examination

JAMB now offers a mock examination for candidates who wish to familiarize themselves with the computer-based testing (CBT) format. The mock examination is optional, but it provides an opportunity for candidates to assess their preparedness for the actual UTME. It is recommended that candidates take advantage of this opportunity.

5. Examination Date

The examination date for the UTME has been announced by JAMB. Candidates should take note of this date and plan their preparation accordingly. Adequate time should be dedicated to studying past questions and practicing with the JAMB CBT software.

6. Green Bridge CBT

To prepare for the UTME, candidates can utilize the resources provided by Green Bridge CBT. Green Bridge CBT offers over 65,000 past questions and answers for JAMB, WAEC, and NECO examinations. These past questions are available in both PDF format on the website and through their Android mobile app. The app allows candidates to practice offline, making it a convenient study tool.


As candidates navigate the changes in JAMB UTME registration, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest information and adapt their plan accordingly. Creating a profile, obtaining a NIN, and practicing with past questions will contribute to a successful registration and better performance in the UTME. Green Bridge CBT provides the necessary resources to support candidates in their preparation journey.


The article discusses the changes made by JAMB to the registration process for the UTME exam. It highlights the new online registration system, the need to create a profile, and the requirement for candidates to provide their National Identification Number (NIN). The article also mentions the option of taking a mock examination and emphasizes the importance of practicing with past questions. It concludes by suggesting that candidates utilize the resources provided by Green Bridge CBT for their preparation.


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