Post UTME is a crucial examination that determines the fate of thousands of Nigerian students every year. It is the last hurdle to cross before gaining admission into tertiary institutions. Many students feel the pressure and stress as they prepare for this important exam. However, amidst the challenges, there are success stories to inspire and motivate those who are going through the same journey.

Learning from the Triumphs

Successful Post UTME candidates have shown that with dedication, proper planning, and the right resources, anyone can achieve their desired results. One resource that has been instrumental in their success is the use of past questions and answers materials. These materials provide a comprehensive overview of the types of questions that may be asked in the examination. Green Bridge CBT, a leading provider of educational resources, offers over 65,000 past questions and answers for JAMB UTME, WAEC SSCE, and NECO SSCE. These materials have proven to be invaluable in the preparation process.

Strategies for Success

The success stories of Post UTME candidates have also highlighted the importance of structured study plans and consistent practice. Developing a study plan that allocates specific time for each subject and sticking to it can help students cover all necessary topics effectively. Green Bridge CBT offers a JAMB CBT practice app for Android devices, allowing students to practice anytime and anywhere. This offline app enables students to simulate the actual examination environment and gain familiarity with the CBT format.

Another strategy that successful candidates have utilized is group study. Forming study groups with friends or classmates can be beneficial as it allows for knowledge sharing and peer support. The discussions and debates that arise from group study sessions can deepen understanding and improve critical thinking skills.


The triumphs of successful Post UTME candidates provide inspiration for those currently preparing for the examination. By leveraging the resources and strategies employed by these candidates, students can increase their chances of success. Green Bridge CBT is committed to helping students achieve their goals by providing quality educational materials and an offline CBT practice app. With the right tools and mindset, success in the Post UTME examination is within reach.


The article discusses the triumphs of successful Post UTME candidates and strategies for admission. It emphasizes the importance of learning from their success stories, using past questions and answers materials from Green Bridge CBT. It also highlights strategies such as structured study plans, consistent practice, group study, and the use of the JAMB CBT practice app. Overall, the article aims to inspire and motivate students preparing for the Post UTME examination.


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