Nigeria’s West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WAEC) is a crucial milestone in the academic journey of secondary school students. The exam determines their readiness for higher education and opens doors to opportunities for further studies.

However, many students face a myriad of challenges when preparing for and sitting for the WAEC exam. These challenges can significantly impact their performance and hinder them from achieving the results they desire. In this investigative report, we delve into some of these common issues and provide strategies to overcome them, ensuring a smooth SSCE experience.

The Challenge of Limited Study Resources

One of the major hurdles students face is the lack of adequate study resources. Access to past questions and answers that closely mirror the WAEC exam format is crucial for effective preparation. Here at Green Bridge CBT, we understand this need and have developed a comprehensive collection of over 65,000 past questions and answers for JAMB UTME, WAEC SSCE, and NECO SSCE. These resources are easily accessible on our website and can be downloaded for offline use.

Time Management and Exam Pressure

Time management is key to success in any exam. Many students struggle with allocating sufficient time to each question, leading to incomplete answers or rushed responses. Additionally, the pressure of the WAEC exam can often cause anxiety and panic, further hampering performance.

At Green Bridge CBT, we offer a JAMB CBT practice module that simulates the exam environment and helps students improve their time management skills. Our Android mobile app, available here, allows students to practice JAMB CBT offline, familiarizing themselves with the interface and building confidence to face the real exam with ease.

Navigating Subject-specific Difficulties

Each student has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to specific subjects. Some struggle with mathematics, while others find literature challenging. It is essential to identify and address these subject-specific difficulties for a well-rounded performance in the WAEC exam.

Green Bridge CBT provides subject-specific study materials, including extensive notes and video tutorials, to help students grasp complex concepts. Our dedicated team of subject experts is available to assist students with any questions or clarifications they may need.


The WAEC exam poses various challenges to students, but with the right preparation and resources, these obstacles can be overcome. Green Bridge CBT is committed to providing comprehensive study materials and tools to support students in their journey towards success in the WAEC exam and beyond. With our vast collection of past questions and answers, JAMB CBT practice module, and subject-specific resources, students can confidently navigate the exam and achieve their academic goals.


The article discusses the challenges faced by students in the WAEC exam and provides solutions to overcome them. It highlights the limited study resources available and the importance of accessing past questions and answers. The article also emphasizes the need for effective time management and offers a JAMB CBT practice module to improve students' skills. Additionally, it addresses subject-specific difficulties and provides subject-specific study materials. Overall, the article aims to help students have a smooth SSCE experience by offering comprehensive resources and support.


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