Preparing for the JAMB UTME requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond focusing solely on scores. While high scores are important, it is equally essential to have a holistic view of UTME preparation. In this article, we will explore the significance of looking beyond scores for comprehensive JAMB preparation.

The Role of Past Questions

One crucial aspect of JAMB preparation is practicing with past questions. Green Bridge CBT offers a vast repository of over 65,000 JAMB past questions and answers. These past questions not only familiarize you with the exam format but also highlight recurring themes and topics. By consistently practicing with past questions, you can improve your understanding of the exam structure and boost your confidence.

Going Beyond Memory

JAMB past questions not only help you remember the right answers but also assist in building a deep understanding of the topics. Instead of solely memorizing answers, strive to comprehend the underlying concepts. This approach will enable you to tackle any question, even if it appears in a slightly different form.

Utilizing CBT Practice

A significant part of JAMB preparation involves familiarizing yourself with the Computer-Based Test (CBT) format. Green Bridge CBT offers an offline JAMB CBT practice app, providing you with the opportunity to simulate the actual exam experience. This app allows you to practice time management, navigate through the interface, and optimize your speed and accuracy.

Exam Strategies

While studying diligently is crucial, it is equally important to develop effective exam strategies. Implementing strategies like time allocation, skipping difficult questions, and focusing on your strengths can significantly enhance your performance. Green Bridge CBT provides valuable resources and guidance on exam strategies to help you excel in your JAMB UTME.

Looking Beyond Scores

Remember, JAMB scores are just one aspect of the admissions process. Universities and colleges consider a wide range of factors when making admissions decisions. Ensure you give sufficient attention to other aspects, such as your personal statement, extracurricular activities, and recommendation letters.

The Green Bridge Advantage

Green Bridge CBT offers a platform that combines comprehensive JAMB past questions, CBT practice, and guidance on effective exam strategies. With their extensive resources, you can enhance your preparation and increase your chances of success. Visit Green Bridge CBT to access their vast collection of JAMB past questions and answers.


Preparing for the JAMB UTME requires more than mere scores. By adopting a holistic approach that encompasses practicing past questions, utilizing CBT practice, and developing effective exam strategies, you can maximize your chances of achieving excellent results. Remember, your JAMB scores are just one piece of the puzzle. Focus on excelling in all aspects of your academic journey.


This article highlights the importance of taking a holistic approach to JAMB UTME preparation beyond focusing solely on scores. It emphasizes the significance of practicing with past questions, understanding concepts instead of memorizing answers, utilizing CBT practice, and developing effective exam strategies. It also emphasizes the need to consider other factors besides scores in the admissions process. Green Bridge CBT is mentioned as a platform that offers resources and guidance to enhance JAMB preparation. The article concludes by encouraging students to excel in all aspects of their academic journey.


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