Mathematics is often seen as a challenging subject, but it is also a fundamental one. In Nigeria, students are assessed on their mathematical knowledge through various examinations, with one of the most important being the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) conducted by the National Examinations Council (NECO).

The NECO SSCE is a crucial milestone for Nigerian students, as it determines their readiness for higher education and future career prospects. One of the key subjects assessed in this examination is Mathematics, which often presents unique challenges for students. To gain insights into Mathematics performance trends, we conducted an in-depth analysis of NECO SSCE Mathematics scores over the past five years.

Our analysis revealed several noteworthy trends. Firstly, we observed a gradual improvement in Mathematics scores over the years. This is an encouraging sign, indicating that students are making progress in their mathematical abilities. It also suggests that the efforts of educational platforms like Green Bridge CBT in providing accessible materials for practice and revision could be contributing to this positive trend.

Digging deeper, we noticed that certain topics within Mathematics consistently posed more challenges for students. Trigonometry and Algebra, in particular, appeared to be the stumbling blocks for many. This highlights the need for targeted support and resources in these areas. Platforms like Green Bridge CBT, which provide comprehensive materials and practice questions specifically tailored to address these difficult topics, can greatly assist students in overcoming these challenges and improving their performance.

Furthermore, our analysis revealed a correlation between performance in Mathematics and overall performance in the NECO SSCE. Students who excelled in Mathematics tended to perform well in other subjects as well. This emphasizes the importance of dedicating sufficient time and effort to mastering Mathematics, as it can have a positive impact on a student's overall academic performance.

To further support students in their preparation for the Mathematics component of the NECO SSCE, Green Bridge CBT offers a vast collection of past questions and answers specifically for this examination. These resources not only familiarize students with the exam format but also allow them to practice and improve their problem-solving skills. The availability of an offline JAMB CBT app also enables students to practice anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.

In conclusion, the analysis of NECO SSCE Mathematics scores provides valuable insights into the performance trends of Nigerian students. The gradual improvement observed over the years is encouraging, but there is still room for further growth and targeted support in challenging areas. Platforms like Green Bridge CBT play a vital role in providing the necessary resources and practice materials to help students excel in Mathematics and, ultimately, in their academic pursuits.


The article explores the performance trends in Mathematics in the NECO SSCE exams conducted in Nigeria. It discusses the gradual improvement in scores over the years and highlights the challenges faced by students in topics like Trigonometry and Algebra. It emphasizes the importance of dedicated preparation in Mathematics and the role of platforms like Green Bridge CBT in providing resources and practice materials. The article concludes by emphasizing the value of analyzing performance trends and supporting students in their academic pursuits.


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