JAMB past questions are essential study material for every Nigerian student preparing for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). To secure a spot in your desired university, it is crucial to excel in all sections of the examination. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with strategies to dominate each section and ultimately achieve success in your JAMB UTME.

English Language Section

The English Language section of JAMB requires proficiency in grammar, comprehension, and vocabulary. To excel here, it is vital to have a strong foundation in English. Make use of the extensive collection of JAMB past questions and answers from Green Bridge CBT to familiarize yourself with the exam format and practice answering questions. Focus on improving your grammar and vocabulary through daily reading and learning. Additionally, enhance your comprehension skills by practicing speed reading and summarizing passages.

Mathematics Section

The Mathematics section evaluates your problem-solving abilities and mathematical concepts. Develop a solid understanding of mathematical formulas and concepts by studying the recommended textbooks and solving numerous JAMB past questions. Practice is key, so allocate dedicated time to solving mathematical problems daily. Utilize the JAMB CBT practice option offered by Green Bridge CBT to enhance your speed and accuracy in solving mathematical questions.

Science and Technology Sections

The Science and Technology sections of JAMB require a strong foundation in the respective subjects. Review your textbooks thoroughly and make use of WAEC and NECO past questions to reinforce your understanding of key concepts. Dedicate additional study time to topics that you find difficult. With consistent practice, you will develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter and improve your performance in these sections.

Social Sciences and Arts Sections

The Social Sciences and Arts sections evaluate your knowledge in subjects such as Economics, Government, Literature, and History. Begin by identifying the subjects you find challenging and allocate more study time to them. Utilize post UTME past questions to practice answering questions and improve your understanding of the subject matter. Additionally, cultivate the habit of reading newspapers, magazines, and literary works to enhance your comprehension and critical thinking skills.

General Tips

  • Develop a study schedule and stick to it. Consistency is key to success.
  • Practice with JAMB CBT offline to simulate the real exam environment.
  • Ensure you are familiar with the JAMB exam format and time constraints.
  • Take regular breaks during study sessions to prevent burnout and maintain focus.
  • Join study groups or seek guidance from experienced teachers or online forums.
  • Stay motivated and believe in your abilities. With dedication and hard work, you can achieve your desired JAMB score!

In conclusion, excelling in JAMB requires thorough preparation and consistent practice. Make use of Green Bridge CBT's Android mobile app and their extensive collection of JAMB past questions and answers in PDF format to enhance your preparation. Follow the strategies outlined in this guide, be diligent in your studies, and success in JAMB will be well within your reach.


Certainly! The article titled "Crush JAMB: A Guide to Dominating Every Section of the Exam" provides strategies for excelling in all sections of the JAMB UTME. It emphasizes the importance of practicing with JAMB past questions and answers, both online and offline. The article offers specific tips for success in the English Language, Mathematics, Science and Technology, as well as Social Sciences and Arts sections of the exam. It also provides general study tips and encourages students to utilize the resources available, such as the Green Bridge CBT website and android mobile app. Overall, the article aims to help Nigerian students prepare effectively and achieve success in their JAMB UTME.


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