Nigeria's Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination is a crucial stepping stone for students seeking admission into tertiary institutions. The exam covers a wide range of subjects and requires comprehensive preparation to secure a favorable score. To help candidates conquer the JAMB and secure their dream admission, we have compiled a strategic guide to excelling in every section of the exam, centering on mastering question formats.

Section 1: Understanding JAMB Question Formats

Before diving into the strategies for excelling in each section of the JAMB exam, it is essential to comprehend the question formats used. JAMB employs various question types, including multiple choice, fill in the blanks, true or false, match the following, and essay questions.

By familiarizing yourself with these formats, you can develop effective approaches for answering different types of questions. Green Bridge CBT provides over 65,000 past questions and answers, allowing you to practice each question format extensively. This extensive practice will increase your familiarity and confidence when facing these question types in the actual exam.

Section 2: Strategies for Excelling in Each Section

A. English Language

The English Language section of the JAMB exam tests your grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and essay writing skills. To excel in this section:

  • 1. Enhance your vocabulary by regularly reading newspapers, novels, and other reputable written materials.
  • 2. Practice comprehension exercises to improve your understanding of written passages.
  • 3. Write practice essays and have them evaluated by experienced mentors or tutors.

B. Mathematics

The Mathematics section of the JAMB exam assesses your understanding of mathematical concepts and problem-solving abilities. To excel in this section:

  • 1. Master the necessary formulas by heart and practice their applications using previous years' questions.
  • 2. Solve as many practice questions as possible to improve your speed and accuracy.
  • 3. Seek assistance from math teachers or enroll in math tutorial classes if needed.

C. Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

The Sciences section evaluates your knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. To excel in this section:

  • 1. Understand fundamental concepts, definitions, and principles of each subject.
  • 2. Review and practice with past questions to familiarize yourself with question formats and topics frequently covered.
  • 3. Create concise notes containing important facts, equations, and diagrams for quick revision.

D. Other Subjects

Other subjects, such as Economics, Government, Literature, and History are equally important in the JAMB exam. To excel in these subjects:

  • 1. Develop effective study plans and allocate sufficient time to each subject.
  • 2. Seek assistance from subject-specific teachers or join study groups for better understanding.
  • 3. Practice with past questions to improve your familiarity with the question formats and subject-specific content.

Remember, consistent and dedicated practice is the key to scoring well in the JAMB exam. Take advantage of the Green Bridge CBT platform, which offers over 65,000 past questions and answers, including Android offline practice, to enhance your preparation process. With these strategic tips and ample practice, you will be ready to crush the JAMB and pave your way to a successful academic journey.

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In this article, we present a strategic guide to excel in every section of the JAMB examination, focusing on mastering question formats. We start by explaining the different question types used in the exam and the importance of familiarizing oneself with them. The article then provides strategies for excelling in each section, including English Language, Mathematics, Sciences, and other subjects. Practice, seeking assistance from mentors or tutors, and utilizing the resources provided by Green Bridge CBT are emphasized throughout the article. The ultimate goal is to help students crush the JAMB and secure admission into their desired tertiary institutions.


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