Note-taking is an essential skill for every student preparing for the WAEC SSCE examination. It not only helps in organizing information but also enhances retention and understanding of the subjects. With the vast amount of material to cover, having effective note-taking strategies is crucial to succeed in this important examination.

One of the most important aspects of note-taking is being actively engaged during lectures or while studying. This means actively listening or reading and summarizing the key points in your own words. A great technique to use is the Cornell method, where you divide your notes into three sections: the main notes, cues or questions, and a summary section. This method not only organizes your notes but also helps with revision.

Another strategy to improve note-taking is to develop your shorthand or abbreviations. This allows you to write faster and capture more information during lectures or study sessions. For example, instead of writing the full word "because," you could use the abbreviation "b/c." Just make sure your abbreviations are consistent and easily understandable to you.

Color-coding your notes is also a helpful technique. You can use different colors to signify different topics, subtopics, or important points. This visual representation can make it easier to review and link related information together. It may also be helpful to use highlighters to emphasize key ideas or concepts.

In addition to traditional handwritten notes, technology can be a useful tool for note-taking. There are various note-taking apps available that allow you to type and organize your notes digitally. These apps often have features such as creating headings, inserting images or diagrams, and syncing your notes across different devices. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who prefer typing or want to have their notes accessible at any time.

Furthermore, utilizing online resources like Green Bridge CBT can greatly enhance your note-taking and studying process. Green Bridge CBT provides access to over 65,000 past questions and answers for WAEC SSCE, JAMB UTME, and NECO SSCE, allowing you to practice and improve your knowledge. They also offer an Android mobile app, making it easy to study on the go.

Remember that note-taking is not just about writing down information but also about actively engaging with the material. Take the time to review, revise, and organize your notes regularly. By developing effective note-taking skills, you'll not only improve your retention but also boost your performance in the WAEC SSCE examination.


The article discusses the importance of developing effective note-taking skills for students preparing for the WAEC SSCE examination. It highlights strategies such as active engagement, shorthand or abbreviations, color-coding, and the use of technology for note-taking. It also mentions the benefits of utilizing online resources like Green Bridge CBT, which provides access to past questions and answers. Overall, the article emphasizes the significance of organized study notes in improving retention and boosting performance in the WAEC SSCE.


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