The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is a crucial step for Nigerian students seeking admission into universities. As the most important entrance exam in the country, it is essential to ensure the integrity and credibility of the JAMB UTME. Unfortunately, exam malpractice has become a persistent issue, hindering the fairness and reliability of the examination process.

Exam malpractice refers to any act of dishonesty or misconduct that compromises the integrity of an examination. It includes activities such as cheating, impersonation, collusion, and illegal possession of examination materials. The consequences of engaging in exam malpractice are severe and can have detrimental effects on a student's academic and professional future.

Consequences of JAMB UTME Exam Malpractice

Participating in exam malpractice not only violates the ethical principles of fairness and honesty but also undermines the value of education. The consequences of JAMB UTME exam malpractice are far-reaching and can include:

  1. Disqualification: Students caught engaging in exam malpractice can face immediate disqualification from the exam. This leads to wasted time, effort, and resources.
  2. Banning: Individuals found guilty of exam malpractice can face a ban from future JAMB UTME exams, limiting their chances of gaining admission into universities.
  3. Legal repercussions: Exam malpractice is a criminal offense in Nigeria. Students involved in malpractice may face legal action, including fines and imprisonment.
  4. Loss of reputation: Engaging in exam malpractice tarnishes a student's reputation and can have long-term negative effects on their academic and professional endeavors.

Avoiding Exam Malpractice in JAMB UTME

To ensure the integrity of the JAMB UTME and avoid the severe consequences of exam malpractice, it is essential for students to adopt ethical exam practices. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Prepare adequately: Proper preparation is key to performing well in any exam. Thoroughly study the recommended syllabus, revise past questions, and seek guidance from reputable educational resources like Green Bridge CBT.
  • Follow exam instructions: Pay close attention to all instructions provided by JAMB officials during the exam. Adhere to guidelines regarding the use of calculators, personal belongings, and the proper handling of examination materials.
  • Be mindful of time: Manage your time effectively during the exam. Allot an adequate amount of time to each section and ensure you complete all questions within the designated time frame.
  • Focus on your own paper: Avoid any form of collaboration or seeking assistance from others during the exam. Engaging in such activities is considered malpractice and can lead to disqualification.
  • Report suspicious activities: If you witness any form of exam malpractice during the JAMB UTME, it is your responsibility to report it to the appropriate authorities. This helps maintain the integrity of the examination process.

By adhering to these ethical exam practices, you contribute to the fair and credible conduct of the JAMB UTME. Remember, the consequences of exam malpractice are severe and can impact your academic and professional future.


The article discusses the issue of exam malpractice in the JAMB UTME, highlighting its consequences and providing tips to avoid it. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining integrity in university entrance exams and the severe repercussions of engaging in malpractice. The article encourages students to prepare adequately, follow exam instructions, manage time effectively, focus on their own paper, and report any suspicious activities. By adhering to ethical exam practices, students can contribute to the fairness and credibility of the JAMB UTME.


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