WAEC SSCE - English Language - 2020

Question 1 Report

In the following passage, the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each number in the list below the passage, four options are given in columns lettered A to D. Choose the word that is the most suitable to fill the numbered gaps in the passage. 

Hardly a day passes without news of terrible accidents on our roads. Most of the time, these are caused by the ignorance and -71- of drivers. Besides the ignorance of the drivers, most of the vehicles that ply our roads are not -72- vehicles are supposed to be tested annually before certificates are issued. However, vehicle Owners are issued with these certificates even when their vehicles have not been properly -73-. Most of the drivers do not have valid driver's -74 - There are driving schools with qualified -75- to prepare prospective drivers. After a period of training, the prospective drivers are made to go through a road test. It is only when they pass this test that they are -76- to drive. Some drivers never even had a learner's -77- when they were learning to drive. Consequently, they have no knowledge of -78- rules. They are ignorant of what speed -79- means. To them, 100 kilometres per hour may mean minimum speed allowed. Little wonder the -80- on our roads.

Choose the most appropriate option for the gap labelled [....79.....] above