WAEC SSCE - English Language - 1997

Question 1 Report

Instruction: In the following passages the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each number in the below each passage, five choices are offered in columns labelled A to E. For each question choose the word that is the most suitable to fill the numbered gap in the passage.
''Now speaking seriously, ladies and -71-'' continued the speaker, ''it has -72- a tradition for us to welcome new -73- into the administrative -74- of our civil service. This is because of the role which -75- plays in society. It is not only in the civil service that administrators are -76-. Administrative works is going on constantly in the business -77- in the army, the church and in every organization, where human -78- decide to organize themselves for a -79- purpose. Even among doctors, engineers and other -80- much administration is going on, and infact you cannot be a -81- doctor lawyer, engineer or teacher -82- being a good administrator. And now to my young -83- who have newly joined ranks of administrators in our service. I say the sky is the -84- for those who are -85-.
When he had finished sweeping the sitting -86-, she took up the slightly moist -87- and used it to wipe off the -88- from the surfaces of the table, chairs, stools and window -89-. After that she adjusted the -90- on the windows and doors and -91- the few books and other items on the table and stools. She then moved to the -92- where the dishes from the previous evenings -93- remained piled up, unwashed. She turned on the -94- and started washing it took her thirty minutes to turn the dirty plates and -95- into gleaming pieces. She lit the -96-, filled up the -97- from the running tap and put it on the fire. That was for tea. She took a tuber of -98- peeled it clean, and cut it into neat -99-. Then, she commenced the process for making omelette. She cracked open four -100- on to a plate and mixed them thoroughly.

In question numbered 91 above, choose the best option from letters A - E that best completes the gap.