WAEC SSCE - English Language - 2009

Question 1 Report

In the following passages the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each number in the below each passage, four options are offered in columns lettered A to D. choose the word that is the most suitable to fill the numbered gap in the passages.
The main -75- of malaria are regular -76- of high -77-. The -78- is caused by -79-, which are carried by the -80- anopheles mosquito. The mosquito is infected when it bites a man who is already carrying malaria parasites in his -81-; if the mosquito bites another person after about two weeks, the disease is immediately -82- to him. After about ten days, the man experience general weakness, -83-, fever and sweating. In order to prevent malaria, mosquitoes must be -84-, and their -85- grounds must be completely destroyed. Patients must be treated promptly, and people who travel to regions of malaria should take prophylactic.
Fishing is one of the overlooked sports in this part of the world. It really requires very little and inexpensive -88-. While you enjoy the sport, you will be getting food for your efforts as -89- is highly nutritious. A fisher man can use a simple pole and -90- which are not expensive or a rod and reel, to fish. The standard fishing method is to put a -91- or -92- on a hook. The fish will see this and nibble at it, strike it or snap at it. When the fish tries to eat it, the -93- catches it in the throat.
It is also good to use -94- for fishing equipment. These indicate when a fish is nibbling at the bait. This method is more reliable than to watch for -95- on the water surface. Fishermen who fish on a small -96- do so from the river -97- and some row in boats to the middle of the river. Large-scale fishing needs the use of fishing -98- which go to sea and -99- are used to -100- big fishes. A lot of hazards are faced by fishermen on sea.

In question numbered 79 above, choose the best option from letters A - D that best completes the gap.