WAEC SSCE - English Language - 1990

Question 1 Report

For the working woman, after the task of looking after the home and -76- up the children is not easy.Although the every modern -77- there is still much -78- to keep her -79- cooking, cleaning,mending, washing and ironing . If she is lucky to have a -80- help her task is made somehow easier.
The working women spends much of her income on beauty care. Share buys a lot of -81- and visits -82- regularly. Most women are so occupied with the daily -83- that they need these things to -84- themselves up.
Thus the responsibilities of a -85- are quite demanding and she could be so busy as to have little time for -86- engagements.
For fixed fees, insurance companies will help a firm insure against -87- and provide some -88- Most firms will seek -89- against fire, fraud and other -90- happenings for which they pay annual -91- to the insurance companies. The payments will very according to the -92- to be -93- some of these happenings may be -94- sustained during work or -95- business debts. A -96- number is given to the insured for proper -97- if you have just bought a new car,it is advisable to undertake a -98- policy than a -99- for more risks are covered in the former than in the -100-

In question number 76 Above, choose the best option from letters A-E that best complete the gap.